Alpha Lujo, Inc. (OTCBB: ALEV)

The emergence of the electric and hybrid/electric vehicle as the “car of the future” is one of our targeted industries. These vehicles are powered by batteries so one that lasts longer, delivers more power and requires less electricity to remain fully charged is an excellent fit for Zentric technology.

Alpha Lujo, Inc. is a development-stage Electric Vehicle (EV) company. The company has developed innovative electric vehicle technology that utilizes existing car bodies from Chinese petrol-engine cars. Currently, the firm is working towards meeting important safety standards in Australia, the United States and Europe, with four vehicles scheduled to meet this compliance testing by the end of 2012.

In July 2011 Alpha Lujo, Inc. and Zentric, Inc. entered into a Share Exchange Agreement providing each company with a minority interest in the other thereby strategically aligning each company to the other. Alpha Lujo has a back log of sales orders awaiting production of their innovative and modestly priced electric vehicle all to be powered by Zentric batteries.

Zentric is confident that other manufactures of electric vehicles will recognize the advantage of our battery technology and we will broaden our client base in this high growth sector.