About Us

Our Vision

Zentric, Inc. believes in making our contribution to saving the environment through the development of advanced battery technologies and in support of alternative energy and various other “green” initiatives.


Zentric, Inc. (OTCBB: ZNTR) is a technology company incorporated under the laws of the State of Nevada in July 2008. Zentric’s initial focus was in advanced battery technology development, manufacturing and fuel cell storage technology.

The world demand for batteries will exceed $100 billion in 2011 with Lead Acid batteries accounting for more than 40% of all secondary battery sales. Our proprietary and patented (United States Patent Grant number 7,344,801) design for a High Density Energy Battery (HVDE) will be as much as 50% more powerful than existing lead acid technology delivering a 240% increase in power density by weight as compared to the lead acid design.

Zentric’s focus on alternative and renewable technology has been the impetus to our recent involvement in solar energy. Battery back-up and storage is an integral component of solar energy solutions and as a result we have been able to develop relationships with many solar panel suppliers who do not have the infrastructure or global relationships to expand their sales. Consequently Zentric has become extremely active in the solar energy arena leveraging our extensive network of business contacts resulting in our participation in the supply and management of solar energy solutions that has become a major revenue contributor to our business model.

HVDE Battery Patented Technology

Zentric is a technology company with a specific focus on the development and manufacture of more powerful batteries that will result in less electricity being consumed in the charging process.  Applications for our technology would include users of Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS), alternative energy companies, telecommunication providers and of course the emerging market for electric vehicle and motorized bikes (EV).


Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) have become an indispensable element of many data processing installations (EDP), from desktop PC’s to mainframe computer systems. UPS systems provide a measure of insurance and security for the user who is concerned about data loss and hardware failures caused by power disturbances. More recently, the introduction of computer based control systems in manufacturing and process control applications has prompted the need for UPS systems in industrial facilities as well.

The battery system is also a critical component of the UPS as it provides the energy storage to operate the inverter during a loss of primary power. Battery rooms are used as a facility to house batteries for backup or uninterruptible power systems. Battery rooms are found in telecommunication central offices, and to provide standby power to computing equipment in datacenters. The batteries may provide power for minutes or hours until the regular or a replacement power source (generators) takes effect. HVDE is a cost effective power source providing maximum protection in the event of a power interruption.

Alternative Energy

Zentric’s HVDE battery design is ideal for energy storage in concert with alternative energy technologies that are being incorporated into smart grid deployment strategies by power companies worldwide.  The HVDE battery holds 50% or more power so it is ideal for alternative energy suppliers such as wind turbine and solar farms that need to store the power generated during their operating periods when the weather elements allow for the collection of energy. Residential users of solar energy would also benefit from storing the power generated in our technologically superior HVDE battery.


Cell towers are now being regulated by the FCC to have 8 hours of back-up power, a 100% increase from the previous 4 hour requirement. The new regulations have created an enormous problem for the more than 210,000 cell towers in the USA. In many cases their current physical footprint does not accommodate twice the space and weight requirements that doubling the battery back-up capability would require deploying their existing battery technology.

Our HVDE battery will be more cost effective and is smaller and 50% more powerful than the lead acid batteries currently being utilized making our technology a functionally efficient solution to what is currently installed. In most cases existing battery back-up facilities are located in separate battery rooms, rooftops and elsewhere so using the HVDE battery as a replacement will allow all cell tower providers to meet the new mandate without modifying the physical structure the batteries are in now.

Electric Vehicles

HVDE battery technology will also be a critical component of the emerging electric and electric/hybrid vehicle industry as well as the power source for the rocketing sales of electric motor bikes particularly in Asia as they have become an important means of transportation.

Transitioning to an Operating Entity

Zentric is about to emerge from a technology development company into an operating entity with exceptional growth potential as a result of the strategic direction we have taken.  Our technology is innovative and friendly to the environment and as such we are focused on the acquisition and strategic partnership with companies that share our commitment to saving the environment through the application of green technologies.

We have taken steps to secure our raw material supply for our battery production for the next 10-15 years; we intend to strategically align ourselves through targeted acquisitions, joint ventures and strategic partnerships with alternative energy companies that require our batteries to operate thereby securing significant future sales.